Hit the ground running!

We are in Colombia!!!And what a crazy 24 hours it has been already!We got to Cartagena at 3p.m. making our flight a total of 12 hrs with the layover. Customs and immigration was not a toughy at all (just like any other latin american country). Outside of the airport we got on a "puerta a puerta" van. Which literally stands for door to door. This van went around the outskirts of the airport until it found enough people to fill up the van with. That took about an hour!We went through Baranquilla, the driver pointed out "Shakira's apartment." Haha!Baranquilla was very nice to go through. A lot of construction for this upcoming port city. Then the night fell and we were the only ones left in the van. I try really hard for pessimistic thoughts not to overpower my positive thoughts but I thought "dam 3 gringas en una van, con alguein desconocido, what if we get kidnapped!?" But then I remember how many times I have done this before and to stop being crazy about it. The driver was really nice!Why was I having those thoughts!? About 4 hours later the van picks up more folks headed towards Santa Marta and he drops us off at El Rodadero. He thought that our hostel was there! My bad for not fully researching the location...turns out we were still about 30 minutes away!Asi que pegamos un taxi y como a las 9 de la noche llegamos a "La Brisa Loca Hostal". Note! I haven't ate aaaall day! That pescado I ate as soon as we got here was bomb!