Viajes en el 2015

A few days have passed since we all counted down to 2016. My mind was so jumbled with thoughts and travel plans for 2016 that I did not have time to reflect back on what a great travel year 2015 was! I actually did not expect to go on so many adventures last year but I am so glad everything turned out the way it did. It was an emotionally packed year and with every trip I took I felt more confident in the road that my life was headed in. I can say that I am finally on the road of true emotional healing and I have my family, my friends, and my traveling to thank for that. With a clearer mind and focus, my 2016 looks great. It is smiling at me and I am smiling right back at it :) But now lets reflect back on last year's trips...

February - Costa Rica

Costa Rica! Wow!Una aventura inolvidable! One of my closest friends was living and working in San Jose and he invited us out to visit him. I was hesitant in making the trip at first but then decided to just go for it! Luckily for me I had saved up a lot of money the year before and was able to make it a reality. CR is like no other place I had ever been to before. Por ejemplo, the first major road we took on our way to el caribe was in the middle of the rain forest and every few feet you would see a waterfall! A waterfall on the side of the road! The rain forest, the ocean, the adventure, and the chill out vibe were all great and beautiful to be in! If you are seeking for an adventure packed getaway CR is definitely the place to go!

April - Las Vegas

Vegas!Vegas!Always up to NO GOOD! I had not been to Las Vegas since the first time I went, which was three years ago. One of my best friends came to visit from NYC therefore we decided to do a weekend trip to Vegas! Roadtrip!!! We took Friday off from work and did the four hour drive from Los Angeles. That ride always feels like an eternity but once you see the lights of the strip you can't help but smirk a little! We stayed at a nice little room at Planet Hollywood which is located on the center of the strip. The sun was shining all weekend and the spring break vibe was on! I had never been to Las Vegas during pool party season. It was quite the experience! Although we barely got any sleep, the weekend trip was a success! Who needs sleep in Vegas though right?

One of my favorite parts about going to Vegas is coming up with outfits!

September - Colombia

Visitar Colombia fue un sueño hecho realidad!It was my favorite trip of the year! I knew that I wanted a bit of relaxation and a bit of rumba! So we headed to Santa Marta, Tayrona National Park to relax on its secluded beaches and danced our hearts away to salsa in Cartagena. For this trip I still had some money from my savings I did the year prior and I saved up a little more during the summer. Colombia is an affordable South America destination! And a direct flight is now offered to major cities like Cartagena and Bogota from LAX! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Colombia and it's people!

October - San Francisco

In April I decided to sign up for my first half marathon in San Francisco! The Nike Women's Half Marathon was one of the hardest things I have ever put my body through! I finished it but I also sustained an injury :( (I'm slowly getting better). Nonetheless I would do it again! My weekend trip to San Francisco was quick but I still had a day to sight see. I had been to SF before but I was very young therefore I did not remember too much of it. I took time to explore The Mission District and the downtown area. I ran the half marathon on a Sunday finishing it in about 3 hours. I plan on beating that time this year! Rumor has it the NWHM will take place in LA this year! A big shout out to my friends Kim and Savanna whom housed me and motivated me through out the race!

December - Vegas PT. 2

Vegas. Again. Not planned. At all. But I am not complaining! My best friend of 20 years is getting married! As her best friend I felt that I needed to give her the best bachelorette experience ever! So I told her LETS DO VEGAS!!! So here I went to Vegas for the second time during the year. The thing about Vegas is every trip is unique depending on the group of friends you go with and the experience you are seeking. It was my amiga's first time in Las Vegas so I knew she had to experience Vegas the right way! I booked two nights at The Venetian (sign up for their newsletter and get 20% off your first stay with them), got tickets to Cirque Du Soleil show "Zarkana", got tickets for Chippendale's (do it!fun! fun! fun!), dinner at Aquanox, drinks at The Chandelier Bar at The Cosmo, and partied the night away at The Marquee! The weekend was everything and more than what I had expected it to be! Shout-out to everyone who helped me make that trip happen for her :) 

If you would of asked me if I had expected all of that to happen at the beginning of 2015 I would of said no way!!! I am happy I was able to make all these trips and memories. I saved a whole year to make most of these trips happen and some charges did go on my credit cards, but not just any credit cards, travel credit cards! There is a method to my travel madness you see! 2016 will have a different rhythm, a little slower, but I will still see myself in the clouds.