A month and a few days in Rio!

Well a month has flown by already!!!And it hasn’t been an easy one!Portuguese class for me was pretty challenging. Getting comfortable took some time, and being able to break out and let loose also took some time. But now that I have assimilated a little more I am def looking forward to the next 5 months here. I got the classes I wanted approved and it is def going to be a great semester!Looking forward to my “Desenvolvimiento de Comunidade” class the most!And hopefully I get an internship with an NGO.Working on that. We all came with different intentions and priorities when we came to Rio, and mine is to work with the community here!Not necessarily because I think they “need” my help, but because I genuinely think I can learn SO much from them…I am from a working class family myself and I think it is important to come in touch with the working class people of Brazil. When I talk to my host family’s housekeeper, I see so many other faces from back home in her shoes. When I see a security guard at night, I think about my dad. I don’t need to front that I got money, cuz I don’t. Being here is an absolute blessing!And because of that I need to do something extra valuable with my time.