After a High-Profile Rape, Rio Cuts Vans Used by Its Poor

This van incident occurred about two weeks ago…I did not blog about it because..well it is a very touchy subject and one that has shocked us very very much. It breaks my heart in pieces to think of the hurt that young woman went through and the terrible terrible pain her partner went through not being able to do anything to make everything stop. My heart hurts…because that could of been me,it could of been any one of my friends….

As a result of this rape, the public transportation vans in Zona Sul have been banned. And this sucks. I understand people are concerned that what happened occurred inside a van…but the root of the problem is not the vans…it is Brazil’s rape culture and the way that the police completely ignore it!Most of the van workers are men and women from the lower social strata simply trying to make a living. Now hundreds of jobs have been taken away and the amount of people on the buses are going to increase (which is what the city has been wanting…but whatever)….I’ll let you read the article to understand that part of this issue. Point being…eliminating this crucial form of transportation is not going to eliminate RAPE from happening. The government and police need to take seriously EVERY SINGLE RAPE REPORT WHETHER IT IS FROM A POOR BRAZILIAN WOMAN OR A TOURIST. 

Serious serious issue that makes my head hurt.