As you all can tell I have a very profound interest in Brazilian politics and culture. I still have to learn a lot of new things too. But why do I have this interest? Before leaving to study abroad I had already taken various courses on social inequality and Latin America. I had already traveled to my motherland, El Salvador, and got to learn about the struggles happening there but I was only there for about three weeks. Nonetheless I soaked in a lot of knowledge which kept me hungry for more. The following summer I arrived to Rio de Janeiro and lived there for a lil over 6 months. I made it my motive to learn as much as possible from regular everyday people….regular everyday people which I could relate to social class wise. And I did (having a boyfriend who is from there also helped a lot) learn a lot! Every chance I got I tried to speak to people about their reality, I made friends who were born and raised in favelas, I spent a whole lot of time in these communities and saw how their lifestyle is. I saw hardworking individuals which reminded me of my father, my mother, my aunts. I knew that when I got back to the states I wouldn’t forget these people which is why I refuse to not speak up about their struggles. I always wish I could do more….so many social issues here, in El Salvador, Brazil, the three places I call home…I wish I could do a lot more…and I hope that when I go back to live in Rio I fulfill a purpose.