Moving out,Moving in, Moving out!

Well I moved out of my host families place about a week ago…feels like way longer…whoa!I love my new location!It’s a small studio apartment that I’m sharing with an amazing friend, who is helping a non profit org with research on the favelas being affected by the different World Cup infrastructure plans, super interesting work. School is closer from here, and I discovered a bus that gets me to school in a record time of 30 minutes!lol so that is great…i can sleep more in the morning haha!And well as much as I like living here in this cozy little spot, I am only subleasing for one month (the girl that lives here is traveling in Cuba right now!how awesome is that?!) and so I have to be out by the end of the month. LUCKILY FOR ME, my friend Betito found a spot!So I’ll be moving into this new apartment with my closest friends Beto, Carlos, and Naomi who will be my roomie. These kids have been my family since day #1 (okay..maybe day #9 lol) of this program and I couldn’t be happier to be living with them the last 3 months we have in Rio. The last 3 months of our undergrad career!