My body is here but my mind...not quite yet...

I’m in Rio but it feels completely surreal at the moment. My body is still trying to get adjusted to the time zone difference. Rio is 6 hours ahead of the West Coast!So I’ve been feeling like a zombie these past 4 days. 

I live in a beautiful, kick back area called Laranjeiras. I have a host mom, host brother, and a very nice housemate from London!There are supermarkets, banks,restaurants, and my fav part…the metro (the subway) station in my area. The only down side is the distance to school. It takes at least 40 min to get to PUC. Which is tiring as well, but i’m sure i’ll get use to it!Orientation was yesterday!There are about 200 students in the program from different parts of the world. Gente de Honduras, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Europe, and of course the US. I love the diversity!

The first day I got here it was pretty hot and then the weather totally changed to rain!It’s still hot…but with rain. Which means no beach. I think true reality will finally hit me once I dip my feet in the Atlantic Ocean, with the beautiful sight of Sugarloaf Mountain enfrente de mi.