Next vacation!

Hello beautiful people!Bloggers!Travelers!Friends and familia!

I am very excited to say that my next vacation will take place in November!Meaning I won’t be in the States Thanksgiving week. This time I’ll be off for two weeks. What I am trying to plan out now is where to?And for how long? In my head I have envisioned going to Panama City for a week and then going to Cartagena, Colombia for another. But that also feels a bit rushed. Ideally I would like to stay at one place for a longer period of time so I can soak it more in. 

The purpose of the last trip was for myself. To reconnect with myself and my inner peace. The upcoming trip I want to give my time and help to any organization that may need it. I’m hoping to have travel buddies too!

I know November is forever from now but it gives me more time to save and the best part is that it is SUMMER in South America!