Tough night.

Well today was the first day of the semester for me. I was on campus all day testing out classes and meeting new people. It went great!Then night came, along with a huge storm. We waited out the storm by eating dinner. Then I went to the bus stop to wait for my bus and it starts raining again. I did not have an umbrella or a sweater. I was wearing my cute summer jumpsuit. I wait for the bus for about an hour. Then it finally gets there and the inside of this shit was FREEZING COLD. And i mean freeeezing. Parecia gelera!So here I am wet, with no sweater,in a cold ass bus. TRAFFIC for 2 hours because the storm caused some lights to go out,and the st’s only have two lanes each way. By the time I got off that bus my head was killing me. Then I get home and my room was flooded….and I read that Hugo Chavez passed away. What a fucking night :(