Vacations are to relax right...

Well not necessarily when you are on the road constantly going from one destination to the next. We landed in San Jose on Friday morning, went home to my friends house to drop off our bags, and drove to Puerto Viejo (3.5 hour car ride). We stayed in Puerto Viejo one night and a day. Drove back to San Jose (3.5 hours). Slept. Woke up. And as I am writing this we are headed to Arenal!The weather is not being very helpful with these drives. We have ran into a lot of rain and THICK fog. Now combine that with the darkness of the night in the middle of the jungle lol yeah!wild!scary!but quite memorable. I gotta give it up to my friend Javi who is doing all the driving. He’s great!Hoping that we can relax a bit at Arenal since we’ll be there earlier than what we had planned.

p.s. got super excited to find H2O soda at the supermarket today. Hadn’t had it since Rio :D