Week 1 at PUC

Classes began this past Monday and it wasn’t bad at all. Well first of all my class schedule is really nothing serious. I’m taking electives for unit requirements. Nothing stressing at all. At the moment I have decided to stay enrolled in my mandatory Portuguese class (my profe for that class is so dope!), Community Service class (which I am most psyched about!get to learn more about the comunidades in Rio!), and a Sociology class. Looking into applying to intern somewhere but having a hard time finding a place. 

As for PUC itself….well it is everything I expected!I was told it was a private school where the children of famous celebs go. And so students don’t really acknowledge you. They could care less if you are a foreigner haha!But the friends I have made are really wonderful people. They are attending PUC on a scholarship, meaning they are super smart!The best convo I had at PUC so far has been with my friend Carlos, he is so down with politics!I’m sure as time goes on I’ll meet more great individuals!

Have to make the best of my last semester as an undergrad…although it really is more like a vacation!haha!Que vida!