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 23 Latin American Destinations That Prove There's A Lot More To See Than Rio And Buenos Aires

It's no secret that Latin America houses many of this planet's most jaw-dropping destinations. Spotlight countries such as Brazil continue to be among our favorites due to the beautiful beaches, cities and colonial sights that easily captivate those who find themselves in constant wanderlust.

You know about Buenos Aires, Rio and Machu Picchu -- these places are indeed unmissable, and at some point you should probably [most definitely] pay them a visit; but what about the other places you should consider when traveling to Central and South America? Well here they are, all but screaming your name and promising to surpass your every wandering expectation.

By Gabriela Kruschewsky

Traveling While Latino

Whenever I travel abroad, the conversation with locals almost always starts with the same question:

“Where are you from?”

I never have a definitive answer, and so instead, each time, I stumble through many:

“My mother’s from Mexico…”

“My father’s from Ecuador…”

“I was born in California…”

“I grew up in Florida…”

By: Amanda Machado

46 Incredibly Useful Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Here’s what you need to know before traveling abroad solo.

By: Jessica Probus 

Ultimate Female Travel Packing Lists

Here you will find links to all the packing list posts for all the countries around the world. Be patient… this is a work in progress! Be sure to also check out the one little thing that you can’t travel without and the Ultimate Female Guide to Picking a Backpack.

By: Various Contributors from HER Packing List