Hola everyone!
Bienvenidos a mi online travel journal donde comparto fotos y reflections sobre mis viajes! I began this travel journey in 2012 when I did a study abroad program en la Universidad de El Salvador. It was the first time I traveled abroad with out my family therefore it was a completely different experience from my travels to the country with my mother. During this trip not only did we study the history of El Salvador but we also got the chance to visit the historical sites of the places we read about and meet people who lived through the history and events. Traveling with a group of friends, bonding, learning, and exploring together was an awesome experience. I returned to the states with hunger for knowledge and with desire to see more of Latin America. The following year my journey lead me to study abroad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I lived in Brazil for seven months. Seven months which would change my views and perceptions of the world forever. Since my return to the states I have taken shorter trips back to Rio de Janeiro. My lifestyle is now completely different from back when I was a student. With a full on "adult" life it is harder to schedule lengthy trip but that has not stopped me from wanderlusting some more, even if it is only a week at a time. I don't like to see my trips as tourist vacations because I do much more than just tan all day on a beach. My trips always contain a purpose, whether it is personal, educational, environmentalist, cultural, or political. Conscious traveling I like to call it! With all that said I hope you enjoy my photographs and my thoughts about the world!Beijos!